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For a joyful soul
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Welcome to the joâme community

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For a joyful soul
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The concept

Welcome to our Joâme community! The joy of the soul.

You are now part of our universe made of joy , of moments for yourself, at home.

Joâme Paris was created for you . To you who wish to find an inner resource , who feel the need to recreate a sacred space within yourself, at home , and to share this with a community that resembles you.

It is in this context that we had the idea of ​​creating our products for “me time” rituals for oneself, at home as well as conscious events to find oneself for a moment outside of time.

Taking care of yourself, creating a resource space at home, the key to a life of joy.

No need to find excuses to take care of yourself, Joâme takes care of everything!

I discover the team & the services

The founders

Joâme Paris is three friends with common values, notably that of wanting to make balance within oneself and well-being at home accessible. It is also a shared desire, that of creating a true community in a spirit of exchange, of personal and collective elevation within a safe place. And so Joâme, who is this?

Discover the Joâme team
Isabelle Crétat
Grace Zhou
Charlotte de Noisy

Our services

  • Our Joâme ritual products

    Our Joâme ritual products

    Thanks to Joâme products , selected for their quality and sensoriality, you give yourself the moment to recharge your batteries and feel the emotion of finding yourself with yourself in order to vibrate your inner strength.

  • The events

    The events

    We offer events to allow you to share high-vibration cocooning experiences through conscious meetings with our community.

  • Advices & rituals

    Advices & rituals

    Joâme Paris is also the choice to offer you a peaceful place where you can recharge your batteries. It's a real safe place to bring serenity to your existence, find here our advice for your daily rituals.

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