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Welcome to the world of serenity and deep intuition! Let yourself be enchanted by the lilac splendor and mystical power of Brazilian amethyst, a majestic gem that awakens the spirit and balances the soul.

Crystals, due to the frequencies they emit, work on our vibrational frequency, discover the characteristics of amethyst:

🔮 Soothes stress and promotes relaxation : Brazilian amethyst is known for its calming properties, helping to release mental tension and establish a sense of inner peace.

🌙 Facilitates Sleep and Lucid Dreaming : Immerse yourself in restful sleep and deep dreams with the calming energy of this stone, which promotes revitalizing rest and enriching dream experiences.

🧘 Balances Emotions and Promotes Inner Harmony : By regulating emotional fluctuations, Brazilian Amethyst encourages spiritual alignment and emotional stability, allowing you to approach life with calm and confidence.

Elevates spiritual awareness and promotes intuition : This sacred gem opens the doors to spiritual perception, expanding the horizons of consciousness and strengthening your connection with your inner self and the divine.

Give yourself the gift of appeasement and spiritual elevation with Brazilian amethyst, a treasure from the Earth that guides you on the path to inner fulfillment.

Pair with one of our diffusers for the perfect combo!

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