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Our captivating candle with a fresh and flowery scent envelops you in its sunny essence. Its flame radiates a soft light to make this moment with yourself unique and sacred.

Each porcelain jar is unique, as is the making of our candles, handmade with 100% natural scented wax from the flower fields in Grasse, France.

Top notes: Mandarin, jasmine

Heart notes: Iris, violet

Base notes: Marshmallow, solar notes, tonka

🌙 Soothing fragrance: The delicate scent of amber and wild orchid offers a subtle olfactory experience, evoking a sensation of softness and comfort.

🕯️ Long burning time: This candle is designed for slow burning, offering up to 45 hours of diffusion, relaxation, and well-being.

🐝 Quality wax: Made in France with 100% natural quality wax directly from the flower fields in Grasse, Provence, the candle burns without undesirable residues.

🤍 Cotton wick: The braided cotton wick ensures even burning and optimal fragrance diffusion.

🫶🏼 Comforting gift: Carefully packaged, this candle makes a perfect gift to offer comfort to your loved ones.

Candle made in France

100% natural wax

Braided 100% cotton wick

60 hours of diffusion


Note: The jar can be reused once the candle is finished by placing it in the freezer overnight to remove the wax at the bottom.

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