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Add a touch of well-being to your daily life with our ME TIME stickers . Designed to brighten up your space and remind you to take time for yourself , these stickers bring an extra dose of positivity to each of your days.

To stick on your cell phone, your computer or your favorite book, to anchor in your mind the need to come back to yourself . A simple and fun way to remind people of the importance of creating moments of relaxation every day.

💫 Soothing design: Each sticker is decorated with designs related to well-being, relaxation, and the practice of “Me Time”. Use these stickers to personalize your workspace, your relaxation area, or any other place where you want to instill a positive atmosphere. Encourage creative expression by using these stickers to beautify your personal items and create a calming ambiance.

🔖 Quality material: these stickers are durable and easy to apply to different surfaces. The stickers are designed for perfect adhesion to notebooks, planners, laptops, mirrors, and other smooth surfaces.

🤍 Inspirational gift: Perfect as a gift for wellness enthusiasts, stationery enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates little reminders to take time for themselves.

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