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Immerse yourself in tranquility with each infusion of "Me Time, Tea Time" tea. A refined gustatory experience that transports you to the Chinese tea plantations, providing a perfect pause in your busy day. A tea designed to be savored slowly, creating a space for contemplation and a true sensory journey to reconnect in complete harmony with yourself.

  • Exceptional Origin: Selected from prestigious sources of Oolong tea production in China, this tea offers exceptional taste quality.

  • Subtle Aroma: The subtle flavor of Oolong and lychee, with its floral and slightly fruity notes, creates a balanced and refined beverage.

  • Whole Tea Leaves: Whole leaves preserve the natural flavor of the tea and slowly release their aromas during the infusion.

  • "Me Time" Ritual: This tea has been specially selected to accompany your "Me Time" ritual, offering a moment of calm and reflection. Create a small tea ceremony at home by savoring every moment from preparation to tasting.

  • 50g Box: Presented in a 50g box, this "Me Time" tea is ideal for tea enthusiasts seeking a quality experience.

  • Exquisite Gift: Packaged with care, this tea makes an exquisite gift for tea lovers or those who appreciate moments of tranquility.

Ingredients: Oolong tea, lychee,

Ingredient origin: China

Product packaged in Germany


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